Three Reasons You Will Never Be Able To Thing To Do In Laos Like Bill Gates

Lonely Planet Laos Tourism Information confirmed what I knew and kept my expectations in check by assuring me that this place will never be confused with the Louvre,\” but I still went in hopeful. Check your email for your free E-book and stay tuned for future updates.

Join our Adventure Tribe to get the latest travel tips, stories, inspiration and a FREE adventure e-book. I would love to get to Laos - I’ve heard so much about the amazing landscapes, and the waterfalls, and the caves, and the wonderfully hospitable people. Looks like Laos has a variety of unique and offbeat experiences to offer.Specially the tubing and exploring the place by trekking, cycling.

Just enjoy and take in the feeling. Dress appropriately and don’t take pictures unless you ask permission. As it is a local ceremony, remember to be respectful.

With cool and fresh weather, friendly food vendors and even better food, it’s the best way to start the day. Luang Prabang also has a Morning Market. You can then spend the evening eating at one of the restaurants or food stalls close by. If you like to shop till you drop and love a good bargain, then head to the night market any day from 4pm!

You will probably stumble upon something you like whether it’s a handmade scarf, rice vodka (snake included!) or the local Laos coffee. With thousands of tents selling everything and anything you can imagine, spend a couple of hours here looking, buying, exploring and getting lost. Join a GVI Internship instead, gain hands-on experience and improve your employability!

Can’t go to university with your A Levels? Find out more about our projects in Laos and how they are making a difference to the local community. GVI is an award-winning volunteering organisation offering responsible travel experiences in over 10 countries.

Desperately wish to visit the place ,cant wait to try its cuisines. We had a fellow traveller with us have his bag snatched from a passing motorbike, losing his diabetes insulin, passport and camera in one hit! Just make sure you tie down any bags you put in the front basket.

It’s easily the most ‘peaceful’ city I ve ever been to and this mode of transport suits it perfectly. Explore this city on a hired retro push-bike. Even if you do not take part in the alms giving, it’s still possible to catch different sides of the ceremony from afar.

Laos is also one of the last places in the world where its monks still retain the tradition of collecting food from the people everyday after sunrise. It’s au naturale - from centuries of cascading over limestone rocks have resulted in very high deposits of white calcium carbonate in the water, particles which are great at reflecting light, hence producing the milky turquoise-blue colour you see here. Why are the waters so blue?!

Here you can make a prayer, get your fortunes told or just marvel at the thousands of Buddha statues stacked inside natural limestone caves, overlooking the Mekong.