Thinking About Laos Tourism? Eight Reasons Why It’s Time To Stop!

The prime minister called on border authorities to facilitate the application process of those needing documentation to cross the border. He said the joint effort to expand and improve the crossing would benefit the economies of both nations. Prime Minister Hun Sen presided over the inauguration ceremony of new facilities at the border gate yesterday alongside his Laotian counterpart, Thongloun Sisoulith.

The Trapeang Kriel-Nong Nokkhiane border gate, which connects Cambodia’s northern Stung Treng province to Laos’s southern Champasak province, is the sole official land crossing between the two countries, and an artery for bilateral trade and investment. Cambodia and Laos officially inaugurated a newly expanded border crossing yesterday that is expected to increase trade and tourism between the two countries, according to authorities. With us you can be assured you are in good care and a most memorable holiday.

The services are always friendly and efficient. We have for your pleasure, chosen some of the best and most valued resort and hotels, covering a wide spectrum in terms of facilities offered and their ambience. Your holiday with us is an experience by itself and open you to a whole new meaning for the world ‘Holiday’ - a total relaxation, tranquility and timelessness.

We are one of the Top-10 Inbound Tour Operators, with reliable and high quality services in travel field since Cambodia open door to the rest of world in 1993. Whenever possible, it is good idea to ask for a postal address and follow through by sending photographs back to local families. It’s easy to get snap-happy when presented with Laos’s incredible landscape and lifestyle, but it’s important to remember that though this may be your trip of a lifetime, it’s their reality, so introduce yourself and ask permission.

Take the Asian elephant for example, the majestic gentle giant after whom ancient Laos, Lan Xang, was originally named and proudly credited for having ‘millions’ of, today, Laos’s elephant population is thought to be under 500, which is devastating. Find out what you can do to help when it comes to unexploded ordnance, animal and child rights, and environmental safeguarding. Laos responsible tourism issues start and end with poverty which is why it’s crucial to learn how to travel right in Laos thing to do and respect the rights of the local people at the same time as making the most of your travel experience.

Means of communication and transportation are now quite reliable, main roads are in good condition and connections by plane to domestic and international destinations are in rising number. Some countries you have to work hard to be accepted as a friend, but in Laos you feel like you already have millions. Laos is one of those special places where there doesn’t seem to be a barrier between traveller and local.

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