Thing To Do In Laos All Day And You Will Realize 4 Things About Yourself You Never Knew

Thanks to the isolation the river brings these villages, they are relatively untouched by modern influence. Take a boat tour on the river and visit the villages and inhabitants on the islands and experience traditional Laos culture. Well the Islands are formed thanks to the complex river system of the Mekong River.

But Laos Tourist Information is landlocked, how can there be islands? Si Phan Don , better known as the Four Thousand Islands is found in the South, just above the border of Cambodia. However you’ll still come across the drunk and mushroom happy floaters; use your own judgement to stay safe - drownings happen pretty much every year….

Thanks to a few too many stupid drunks many of the bars have been closed down and health and safety has moved in. This doesn’t mean it’s no longer awesome, it\“s just much more chilled out ! The only difference, you’ll be pulled into riverside bars for shots and beers! If you don’t know what tubing is; basically you sit in a giant rubber ring and float down the river.

Many backpackers head to Vang Vieng for it’s legendary tubing Tubing has become a major backpacker activity and Vang Vieng is where it all started. Thanks to the increase of tourism there are some wicked places to stay and in the last few years, even a shopping mall has popped up. I stayed at the Dream Hostel 2 for only five dollars a night, it was a good place to meet other backpackers to go for a beer with. The small town feel offers a nice chilled out pace of life; wander the streets and explore some of the beautiful grande monuments and temples.

For a capital city, Vientiane is incredibly quiet and is more like a collection of small villages than a bustling city. As well as some twenty or so different temples within Muang Sing, the dense rubber forests are also home to the Malayan Sun Bear, the black cheeked crested gibbon, potentially colonies of the red panda and nearly 300 different species of birds. Hire a local guide and immerse yourself in a hill tribe trek ensuring you take in the stunning Luang NamTha National Protected Area, which is home to a plethora of endemic flora and fauna.

In the very north of Laos, close to the border with China, is the town of Luang Namtha, which as well as being the capital of the north is also best known as Laos’ best trekking and hiking spot. Rebuilt several times in the wake of foreign invasions, the temple has remained a symbol of Laotian culture and pride for centuries. Located in the capital of Vientiane, the temple dates back as far as the third century AD, when it was erected as a Hindu temple.

Pha That Luang - also known as the Great Stupa\” or Golden Temple\” - is the center of Laotian Buddhism and often considered the national symbol of Laos. I want my son to get the most out of our travels, avoiding boredom at all costs, so wouldn’t want to stay there too long if activities are limited.