These Eight Hacks Will Make You Thing To Do In Laos Like A Pro

Start your search today, and you’ll be having the time of your life before you know it. We even have a massive selection of flights, car hires, and accommodation for you to choose from. So whether you’re travelling alone, alongside a loved one, or with the whole family in tow, be sure to browse through our extensive travel guides prior to your plane touching down in this spectacular Vientiane.

From group Vientiane tours and must-see landmarks to personal guides who take you off-the-beaten track, offers you over 24 of the most popular events, activities, and attractions in this corner of the world. This was by far one of the best places we visited while in Laos! Great post, we loved Tubing and the Pak Ou Caves however there was no mention of the Blue Lagoon.

As to be expected, there is a temple at the top of the hill, while you should give yourself plenty of time so you have a great view of sunset when it happens. This hill does not require a disturbing amount of walking, making it possible for anyone (within limit) to gain a great view of the unbeatable Laos sunset. Laos has so much to offer and is still as yet preserved from rampant tourism.

While tourism is quite popular there, it is not even close to how commercial Thailand or Vietnam are now. If you haven’t been yet though then book your flight now! With so many more things to do in Laos, the two weeks I spent there just didn’t seem long enough.

Wow, writing this article is making me extremely nostalgic. This just perpetuates their capture and encourages the practice to continue. Just ignore the local women with caged birds asking you for money to free them.

A massive gold covered Buddhist stupa in the middle of the city, it really is an impressive sight. Fortunately, Pha That Luang alone may be worth coming to Vientiane, even if just for a night. Not that it’s bad, there just isn’t that much to see - except for Pha That Luang.

In most cases, I would suggest skipping the sleepy capital of Laos altogether, but if you’re travelling across Laos, it’s almost inevitable that you will pass through Vientiane. Boasting colonial charm and modern luxuries. Housed within a French colonial fort, Sofitel Luang Prabang is built on a heritage site in Laos’ former royal capital.

If you have time, visit the UXO museum and learn about the effects of the Vietnam War in Laos Tourist Information;,. Your money goes toward protecting the endangered primate, and your guides are former poachers turned rangers. These brilliantly engineered cables — some more than 500m long — span forest valleys in the lush Bokeo Nature Reserve (habitat of the black-crested gibbon and Asiatic tiger).

Whiz high above the forest floor attached to a zip line. Booking a ticket can easily take two hours, you will find shop owners asleep rather than heckling you from the street to buy their wares.