Ten New Age Ways To Thing To Do In Laos

And while there has been question about the authenticity of the ceremony recently, please try to remain respectful as the monks walk by and receive the alms.

Although the ceremony has become somewhat of a tourist attraction now, it still might be worth witnessing if you’re willing to wake up by 5:30am. They showered me with potpourris of flowers, got into my photos and sat down with me, giggling all the way. During my wander, and visits to a couple of its temples (one has beautiful views overlooking the Mekong and Luang Prabang), I met two little girls who followed me everywhere I went.

It is here that I got to witness authentic Laos; the village is so peaceful, and so real. Most people don’t know, don’t bother, or can’t take the trouble to make a trip just across the Mekong River to the other side of Luang Prabang — the Ban Xieng Maen Village. With incredible views across the Mekong Valley this quiet site is a fascinating place to explore without the crowds.

Crumbling temple pillars, overgrown terraces and courtyards, and ruined shrines and palaces make up this ancient Khmer site of Wat Phu that is said to predate its Cambodian big sister - Angkor Wat. High up on a hilltop in southern Laos sits one of the oldest archaeological sites in the country. Alternatively, venture out of town by speedboat to the Pak Ou Caves which are filled with thousands of images of Buddha left behind by worshippers over the years.

With an irresistible laidback charm one can easily while away the days here wandering around its picturesque colonial avenues. As the religious and cultural centre of Laos, the UNESCO Listed city of Luang Prabang is home to numerous temple complexes and brimming with over a thousand saffron-clad monks. Official Website of the Mekong Tourism Coordinating Office (MTCO) - a collaborative Initiative by the six GMS governments of Cambodia, P.R. China (Yunnan Province and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region) Lao P.D.R, Myanmar, Thailand and Viet Nam to market the Greater Mekong Sub region (GMS) as a single tourism destination.

In an open-air traditional house, guests can take a herbal spa made from boiling a mix of herbs beneath a sealed room, before moving outside to take a massage in tranquil natural surroundings. The centre is three kilometres out of town, but is well worth the extra effort in getting there. Lao Herbal Steam Sauna and Massage offers a refreshing alternative to the typical massage shops and spas lining the streets of Vientiane.

Grab your camera and hit the streets; you’ll feel like a local in no time! Love it or hate it, life moves slowly here - but that gives visitors more time to enjoy the small everyday events that you might miss in the bustle of a bigger city. Age old Buddhist temples are scattered throughout, while quirky riverside markets sit next to interesting cultural sites and colonial French architecture.

Vientiane is known Information for Tourist in Laos its laidback atmosphere, and its list of quaint, uncrowded, yet on the whole impressive attractions reflects this fact.