Six Ways To Thing To Do In Laos Without Breaking Your Piggy Bank

This little tourist town is rebranding itself to make the most out of its surroundings but tubing is still very much a part of it. So go there with an open mind, chill for a few days, enjoy great company and do a little tubing.

A lot more controlled now than it used to be, you can now go there to float down the river on a tube, hike around the mountains or explore the caves. Yes the party destination of Vang Vieng had to make our top list! It is the biggest waterfall in the area with three cascading tiers leading to a 50-metre drop into beautiful natural pools.

It is located 20m south of Luang Prabang and makes for a great day trip to one of Laos ‘ most well-known natural landmarks. Kuang Si waterfalls is one of the top things to do in Luang Prabang. Night markets offer an opportunity to sample a wide variety of local foods cheaply.

After a day’s ride, visitors can relax with an herbal sauna. Renting a mountain bike or motorcycle is a good way to travel to nearby villages and waterfalls. It is a good place to start treks into the hills to visit ethnic hill tribes.

It is a destination popular with backpackers, many of whom stop here while hiking from China to Laos. The provincial capital of Luang Namtha is the largest city in northwest Laos thing to do. Hence, no visit to Laos would be complete without a boat ride on the Mekong.

It’s an important source of fish and provides irrigation to the agricultural landscapes of Laos. For the longest time before roads were paved in Laos, the Mekong river acted as the main highway of the only landlocked country in Southeast Asia. What with the surrounding forest to explore and the splashing about to be done, this is sure to keep the kids entertained for a very pleasant couple of hours.

All you need to do is jump in a tuk-tuk for 40 minutes and you’re there - and surprisingly for such a beautiful spot, visitors are allowed to swim in the cool, turquoise waters. Another fantastic destination within striking distance of Luang Prabang is Kuang Si Falls , a stunningly beautiful, multi-tiered waterfall hidden in the jungle just outside the city. But I don’t expect you just to take my word for it - read on for just a few of the great things to do with your kids in Laos.

Your body and soul will thank you! Go for it as often as you can. Nevertheless, it is a very pleasant treat and you feel like a new person afterwards.

At some stages you literally hear your joints creak. One 60-minute full body massage costs 50,000 kip (5.50 €). A Lao massage is somehow more rustic than what you might have experienced before. Some massage parlours offer a variety of massages, ranging from head and back massages to foot or oil massages.