Here Are 8 Ways To Thing To Do In Laos Faster

People are super into the Flight of the Gibbons experience, where you zipline, hike, and like in tree houses. It’s possible to walk on the Mekong River too since the water level drops significantly lower during the dry season. The sunset is more than beautiful almost every evening from the riverside point of view.

The location is great in the immediate presence of downtown Vientiane. Finally, Mekong Riverside Park together with Night Market is an easy choice to spend an evening in Vientiane. You can climb stairs up to the Top things to do in Laos ( of Patuxai Monument with tiny 3000 kipsĀ ($0.40) cost.

The monument was built for over ten years to praise the people fighting for the independence against France around 50 years ago. You can easily walk there too if you’re not into the riding. Patuxai is perhaps the most iconic sightseeing target in Vientiane.

Moreover, if you rent a motorbike or grab a tuk-tuk in order to go to Pha That Luang, you wouldn’t have missed Patuxai Monument. Even if you have seen many temples, it is a pleasant and quiet place to walk around for a little bit. If it is your first visit to a temple, it is impressive and beautiful.

Among the garden are many interesting states. It is a great place to see and learn about the history of the ancient building as well as see and talk to the monks. It was one of the few buildings to survive an attack on the city in the 19th century, and served as a monastery afterwards.

This temple was built by the last king of Laos near the Royal Palace. Must book by 5:00 PM the previous day to ensure a spot. Booking can be done by emailing lao-experiences@.

The staff and owner, Nouk, are extremely friendly and will make sure you have a great time! Insider Tip: This class is less about cooking the food yourself and more about immersing yourself in the culture through the market tour, coffee stop, and finally cooking and eating in the garden. These usually leave around 10:00 AM and then again in the afternoon around 14:00 (2:00 PM) and are a cheaper way to get there, though you should check in advance for exact times.

Another option is to grab a ride in a van from a hostel. Insider Tip: You can either take a tuk tuk or taxi to the park which cost anywhere from 100,00 to 250,000 kip depending on your bartering skills. So don’t miss the chance to visit the riverside night market of Vientiane.

Things are not that expensive here, so you can buy anything for gifting purpose. The interesting part of this riverside market is, it appears after evening time and disappears before it gets morning light. You can easily get something beautiful and unique to buy as a memory of Laos.

This market gets crowded at night and becomes the busiest shopping area of Laos. To enter you need to pay 50,000 kip.