Here Are 7 Ways To Thing To Do In Laos Better

I can’t wait to get back to SE Asia for Laos. Extensive write up and beautiful pictures!

Don’t let the history of this country stop you and don’t consider it as a simple layover in between countries like we did. Laos will, most likely, take you by surprise. Probably spend more time exploring the far North of the country and taking some time to follow the backpacker trails in the South to discover the 4 thousand islands and the caves.

What would we do if going back in Laos? There are quite a few Top things to do in Laos to recommend around Vientiane but this town for us was just the perfect place to relax and splurge for a bit. It has now been dismantled and the gun has been taken to the local museum but you can observe this vestige of the past being slowly taken over by nature and also by the farmers nearby.

If you are on your way to the third site of the Plain of Jars then stop by the Russian tank. Nobody knows who built them or why, but we do know that they are over 3000 years old and many are large enough to hold ten men at a time. If there is one big mystery in Laos it’s the plain of Jars An expansive grassland littered with thousands of colossal stone jars.

This is far from a luxury cruise however, facilities on board are rudimentary and comfort is minimal, but no worse than the buses are in this area. You’ll find plenty of boats offering this opportunity and we’d advise you to give it a try. Can you tell me how much the guide costs per day?

I’ve been to Vietnam and Cambodia before and heading back again in July, adding on Laos this time and you’ve assured me I’ve certainly made the right decision. Thanks so much for the info, very helpful. I must say that all I could think of for much of my stay here was the appalling lack of security.

The treasures held here are definitely worth seeing. Here you can view precious exhibits that used to be owned by the former Laos Royal family. A small museum for religious artifacts; and Wat Aham, built in the early 19th century temple and Wat Xiengthong, a 16th century temple which epitomizes all the elegance and grace of Luang Prabang architecture.

Visitors and locals alike participate in this tradition by awaking at sunrise and offering the monks sticky rice with their bare hands. Every morning hundreds, if not thousands of monks meander through the streets and partake in Almsgiving\” or collecting of alms. My Magical Trip to Luang Prabang, Laos.

The kids were able to read Lao folk tales, proverbs and a little about life in Laos. Also great to buy gifts for Lao kids which we did on many occasions. Big Brother Mouse is also good for a read and you may even become a little familiar with Lao script as all books in English are also in Lao.