Five Tips To Thing To Do In Laos Much Better While Doing Other Things

We liked having the best of both worlds - easy access into town thanks to the complimentary shuttle, and the wonderful tranquility of being amongst the lush greenery of the hills.

The hotel is perched atop a hill a short ride outside the old town. This lovely colonial-style hotel with teak and rosewood d├ęcor, coupled with white tones throughout, offers fantastic service (always with a sweet smile). Once we arrive we make our way to the beautiful Belmond La Residence Phou Vao, one of the first 5-star properties in Luang Prabang.

We spent five weeks prior to the trip, learning some basic Laotian, which helped. I didn’t find one single Laotian that I didn’t like. The people of Laos are extraordinary.

I will go back to Laos this spring. But the area was breath taking. That, of course, is a different story.

During one of our treks northwest of Phongsali, we found an old American F-4 fighter jet, which crashed into some trees. I spent 55 days in Laos, traveling from Vientiane, to Phongsali. Perhaps you can find a refundable bus or plane ticket out of Thailand just for the immigration requirement.

Hmm, I don’t know if it can be prebooked - I’ve only seen luxury options mentioned online, but the regular boat is just one you show up for in person (as far as I know, maybe I’m wrong). Any advice would be much appreciated! I’ll be coming from Thailand, so northern Laos will be the first stop.

Should I do all of Laos and then all of Vietnam or do northern Laos, all of Vietnam, and then cut back into Laos for the south? I am also going to Vietnam. I want to see both the north and south of Laos.

I have a question if you are able to help. Other caves in the area can be visited as part of the guided tours only. There’s a great minced-meat stir fry dish in Laos called Laap, which I highly recommend eating, but I also recommend learning how to cook it!

Tamarind restaurant in Luang Prabang does a great cooking course, but there are others around the country. Lao food is delicious and right up there with Thai cuisine; interestingly, there’s also excellent coffee and croissants which were introduced during French colonial times. Laos is very rustic and filled with unspoiled nature.

What struck me most was just how remote and thinly populated Laos is: look out the window while in transit and you will probably just see endless jungles with not even a single road, path, sign, or even electricity wire in sight. Laos is often called the forgotten land of South-East Asia. Whether you’re actively planning a trip or just dreaming of places you might want Things to do shouldn’t missed in Laos go, we have the tips, tidbits and trivia to take you there.

It’s a big world, and yours for the exploring. Here are a few of the basic Don’ts to keep in mind before heading out to this Southeast Asian country.