Eight Tips To Thing To Do In Laos Much Better While Doing Other Things

Maybe it’s because I’m lanky, but I never did find a table nor chair that was tall enough or quite the right match to fit my legs under.

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Cooperative Orthotic and Prosthetic Enterprise (COPE) is a charity based in Vientiane that provides treatment and rehabilitation programmes for Laotian people with physical disabilities - many of which have come as a result from unexploded weapons that are scattered throughout the countryside as a result of the Vietnam War. Visitors today can enjoy a visit to the temple, soaking up the unique spiritual atmosphere whilst observing the steady flow of Buddhist worshippers who come to pray and make promises Things to do shouldn’t missed in Laos the deities above. The promenade is well worth a visit in the evening for its gorgeous sunset alone, as well as the array of streetside eating options that seem to pop up on every corner.

Vendors begin to set up their stalls around sunset, selling all the typical night market products you’d expect such as souvenirs, electronics, clothes, accessories, and paintings - although you can find some more unique items if you look hard enough. The massive concrete arch - reminiscent of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris - is intricately designed with images of Hindu Gods and is topped off with five towers all in the traditional Laotian style. The impressive Patuxai Victory Monument is one of the most distinctive landmarks amongst the modest Vientiane skyline.

It harks back to the French influenced times. Patuxai is the national memorial built of concrete that was intended to be an airport runway. Huay Xai is home to the original Gibbon Experience and although you may not necessersarily get to see them you will get to hear what David Attenborough describes as the voice of the jungle.

Most people come down the river from Huay Xai via Long boat but miss the amazing North West of Laos. I decided to just write about the main points that I know here otherwise I would just be paraphrasing a majority of information from other well-known publications. Much like the rest of South East Asia, Laos can be divided up into two main seasons, wet and dry.