3 Ways Laos Tourism Can Make You Invincible

Criminal/court records pertaining to any arrest or conviction anywhere, even if you completed your sentence or were later pardoned. A letter from your employer detailing your position, salary, how long you have been employed, any authorized vacation, and the business purpose, if any, of your U.S. trip. Current proof of income, tax payments, property or business ownership, or assets.

In addition to these items, you must present an interview appointment letter confirming that you booked an appointment through this service You may also bring whatever supporting documents you believe support the information provided to the consular officer. Personal or domestic employees and crew members working aboard vessels within the Outer Continental Shelf may qualify for B-1 visas under certain circumstances. The reduction has been attributed to the decline in Thai and Vietnamese visits, two markets that contribute 50% of all foreign visitors to Laos.

The Sri Lanka-Lao Ecotourism Programme will run for next twelve months. This is the first ever ecotourism exchange programme implemented by Laos and Sri Lanka with public and private sector participation. This ecotourism development programme between Laos and Sri Lanka is being supported by the Fredskorpset (FK), Norway.

Under this programme, two ecotourism professionals from LNTA arrived last month in Sri Lanka and working with SLEF/SLET and two tourism professionals from Sri Lanka are already working with LNTA in Laos. In many ways the association of these countries with sex, prostitution, drugs and decadence can be tied to the American influence during the Vietnam War. The recreation habits of American GIs had a profound influence on the cultures not only of Vietnam, but also Thailand and Laos.

Everyone who adheres to the latter will receive a warm welcome. Lao people are frank, open and friendly, and they possess a strongly developed sense of courtesy and respect. We are only happy if we can make you happy.

We are working here in Tourism industry because we love it. We love to show people all over the world the beauty of our Country. The report was unveiled during an Ordinary Session of the National Assembly’s (NA) by Souphan Keomixay, Lao Minister of Planning and Investment, Mr. Souphan Keomixay. Here’s to hoping that as things change, they do for the better.

I’ve really enjoyed Laos Tourist Information and their ever friendly people. Suddenly there was so much westernization, and though the essence was there and the cities were as chaotic as ever, something had changed towards a more globalized world which is exciting but at the same time a little sad too. Last year when I visited India after 3 years I was suddenly hit by how much the country had changed.

Personally, I don’t think its bad, its great for more people to get to experience new places. This is true, but the modernization was paid for with your spending in 09 and publicity of blogs like this one. Going back this time, I realized there was more at work during that trip, and it’s this other\” that likely played a part in why I enjoyed traveling the country so much.