10 Ways Create Better Laos Tourism With The Help Of Your Dog

Seek immediate assistance in Vientiane and consider leaving if you experience medical problems while in Laos. Such evacuations are very expensive and difficult to organize. Medical evacuation to Thailand is required, except for basic medical conditions and injuries, in order to obtain acceptable standards of treatment.

Medical facilities throughout Laos are scarce and operate below Canadian standards. See a health care provider or visit a travel health clinic, preferably six weeks before you travel to discuss your options. Antimalarial medication may be recommended depending on your itinerary and the time of year you are travelling.

There is no vaccine available for schistosomiasis. Avoid swimming in freshwater sources (lakes, rivers, ponds). Risk is generally low for most travellers.

The eggs of the worms can cause stomach illnesses like diarrhea and cramps or urinary problems. Schistosomiasis can be spread to humans through freshwater sources contaminated by blood flukes (tiny worms). Remember: Boil it, cook it, peel it, or leave it!

In some areas in Southeast Asia, food and water can also carry diseases like cholera , hepatitis A , schistosomiasis and typhoid Practise safe food and water precautions while travelling in Southeast Asia. Ensure that the recreational activities you choose are covered by your travel insurance. If you have any doubt concerning the safety of the installation or equipment, refrain from using them.

Tour operators may not adhere to international standards. Only undertake adventure sports, such as zip-lining and rock climbing, with a well-established and reputable company that has insurance. See Foreign domestic airlines for more information.

The Government of Canada does not assess foreign domestic airlines’ compliance with international aviation safety standards. If you must travel to this region despite our advisory, avoid travel after dark, be extremely cautious and follow the advice of local authorities. There have been random shooting incidents near Xaisomboun town, in Xaisomboun Province, since late 2015.

As the industry matures and the tourists continue to flock, coffee-growing techniques are no longer the major concern for many of Saffron’s long-time farmers. By including local residents in tourism development, we ensure that they have fair access Things to do shouldn’t missed in Laos the economic and social benefits of tourism. Fair Trek seeks to harness the positive impacts from tourism to help local villages become sustainable communities.

ASEV-travel has branch offices in Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia and is represented with a subsidiary in Vietnam. RCS n° 152546000332546 - licence n° 2100524, delivered by the Tourism Authority of Thailand. The same day, the fourth Vietnam-Laos people-to-people exchange festival opened in Vientiane, with Lao Deputy Prime Minister Sonexay Siphandone in attendance.

The Vietnam tourism culture days began in Vientiane on July 17 as part of activities to celebrate the 55th founding anniversary of diplomatic ties between Vietnam and Laos (September 5, 1962) and 40 years of the Vietnam-Laos Treaty on Amity and Cooperation (July 18, 1977). A rather strong opinion which comes from one of Laos’ most successful local businessmen in tourism, Inthi Deuansavan, Head of Green Discovery Tour Operator and Inthira Hotels.