10 Solid Reasons To Avoid Laos Tourism

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We work hard to support the kind of independent journalism and comment that we know Ecologist readers enjoy but we need your help to keep going. Since 2012, the Ecologist has been owned and published by a small UK-based charity called the Resurgence Trust. Laos thing to do is clearly hemorrhaging wildlife, and possibly out of ignorance, possibly out of greed, tourists are taking part in this carnage.

There is one interesting city in the whole country (Luang Prabang). Alight at Nong Khai, pass the immigraton, and then having not so comfortable songthaew ride on windy roads full of potholes. Usually most travelers reach the country by train from Bangkok.

To access the country, there are only three airports accessible from outside. It is landlocked with poor infrastructure. When you ask random school students in Indonesia to name eleven Southeast Asian countries, most of them are capable to answer nine or ten countries.

This service may include material from Agence France-Presse (AFP), APTN, Reuters, AAP, CNN and the BBC World Service which is copyright and cannot be reproduced. It was an honour to be so close to such magnificent animals and felt entirely ethical, at least at the time. A mahout is an elephant’s keeper and trainer and was once a highly-respected position in Lao society.