10 Odd-Ball Tips On Laos Tourism

Often overlooked in favour of its better-known neighbours, landlocked Laos remains one of Southeast Asia’s most beguiling destinations. The report defines rural tourism\” as a distinct element of both sustainable and responsible tourism.\” Criteria include a rural location and activities that remain rural in scale, traditional in character, growing slowly and organically, and connected with small-scale enterprises and local families. Homestays are important for rural tourism, but they must be more vibrant…innovative…to add value…It can be in all ranges of accommodation, as some people want privacy.\” He suggested a hybrid of a village stay and homestay\“.

Dr Peng then brought accommodation and lifestyle into the mix. But the Laotian government has now to show more professionalism by launching a real marketing strategy with themes Top things to do in Laos attract a larger number of travellers, especially in the field of niche or specialist tourism. Simply beautiful\” is indeed a nice slogan which truly describes the country’s essence.

This explains why professionals in tourism find necessary today to redefine the way to promote Laos. This represents a growth of 28 % between 2008 and 2012, or just a modest 5.6% per year. In 2008, total arrivals from all countries except Thailand and Vietnam topped already 494,000.

It leaves only 687,000 arrivals from the rest of the world. Trees, waterfalls, hills and mountains, relatively small cities have left Laos well preserved\“, says enthusiastically Alexandre Tsuk, Managing Director of Inthira Hotelsand also vice-president of the newly-to-be-launched PATA Laos Chapter. This is a wonderful place for someone who wants to experience Asia from its most natural side.

Laos remains probably Southeast Asia’s best kept secret destination. The ranks of Thai tourists from outside the Northeast to visit Isaan and Laos will also rise under the marketing efforts, she said. Kobkarn said she expects tourist inflows into Isaan to increase to 20 per cent of the total in five years after the launch of the joint campaign, and these visitors will also take in Laos.

Last year, the number of foreign tourists from outside Asean who visited the Northeast, also known as Isaan, accounted for only 3 per cent of the 32.58 million total for Thailand. Phonsavanh said the department will continue to work with businesses in hospitality, tourist site operators, and restaurant owners to upgrade their services and infrastructure to accommodate visitors. Opportunities such as transportation, services, and tourist sites all must be improved and held to a standard, while it is also crucial to address the problems that constantly cause frustration for visitors.

However, tourism operators and specialists say that Laos has areas of opportunities in the tourism market that they need to address to meet the demands of Chinese consumers. In the event of a serious illness or accident, medical evacuation to Bangkok, Thailand would be necessary, costing up to $A18,000 depending on circumstances. Many doctors and hospitals require cash payment prior to providing services, even for emergency care.

The Australian Embassy in Vientiane operates a small medical clinic that may be accessed by Australians.