Three Steps To Laos Tourism Of Your Dreams

Since November 2015, there have been a number of shooting incidents and detonation of improvised explosive devices, resulting in deaths and injuries. Reconsider your need to travel in Xaisomboun province, east of Vang Vieng, because of the potential for attacks.

Monitor the media and other sources for changes to local travelling conditions. Exercise common sense and look out for suspicious behaviour, as you would in Australia. Exercise normal safety precautions in Laos.

Hence, it is considered a transit hub for cargo transportation services between China and several ASEAN countries because of the ease with which people can travel to and from. Laos Tourism Information has four friendship bridges connecting to neighboring countries and some excellent roads linking to China. It’s becoming very popular and bringing money to the area,\” said Keomanixai.

They do a motorbike loop starting from Thakhek. In the past few years, more tourists come through Nahin. According to Souvannarath, the cave - only discovered in 2012 by a subsistence farmer named Seng - holds spiritual element for Ban Nahin.

Situated in the permo-carboniferous limestone at the base of the Phou Phaman mountain range in Ban Khoun Kham district, Khoun Keo is well revered among the locals and tourism authority alike. But from the standpoint of the ambitious tourism authority, the cave’s twisting labyrinth of striking stalactites, stalagmites and delicate columns is the perfect playground to lure in the growing number of adventurous explorers. Home to venomous vipers, long-legged centipedes, furry huntsman spiders and other cave-dwelling critters, Khoun Keo is certainly not for the faint-hearted.

Recognising the economic value of caves as tourist destinations, the local Khammouane tourism authority in central Laos’ Ban Nahin village is now embarking on an ambitious endeavour to open up a little-known but magnificent cave called Khoun Keo. The total revenue from tourism for the district amounted to roughly $334,000. In 2015, 27,448 tourists visited Konglor cave in Khoun Kham, a substantial increase of 86% from the previous year.

According to the Department of Planning and Investment in Laos, there are 32 villages in Khoun Kham district with a combined population of 22,163 people. Moreover, Mouret and Vacquié have contributed to the opening of several safari\” and tourist\” caves such as the infamous Tham Konglor in Khammouane province as well as Xe Bang Fai - one of the largest river caves in the world, with a 7km channel snaking through it. Since 1991, the caving duo has mapped roughly 100 caves in the small nation, totalling 170km.

Mouret together with his expedition partner Jean-François Vacquié carry the distinction of being the first two explorers to embark on modern cave and karst investigations in Laos. In general in Laos pay attention to the hygiene of the restaurants, as in rural areas the consumption of raw vegetables and meat (Laap) is often a source of food poisoning or diarrhoea. Vietnam tourism has more attractions, including a long coastline with beautiful beaches and eight UNESCO heritage sites.

It will be built to accommodate the world’s largest commercial aircraft including the A380.