Imagine You Thing To Do In Laos Like An Expert. Follow These Nine Steps To Get There

Walking through small streams and rice paddies you arrive at the bottom of the 100 waterfalls which were only first explored by non-locals in late 2008. Vieng Xai was home to the leaders of the Communist led revolution during their struggle against the French Colonial regime and later the American government.

Approximately 30km from Sam Neua town are the fascinating caves of the former Pathet Lao Headquarters. This market is brand new but is nothing to get your knickers in a twist over if you can’t make it as it seems it’s just the stallholders from the main Vientiane Market who just bring their wares to sell on to the tourist crowd who may be too scared to do some haggling in the main marketplace. It’s most popular for multi-day scooter/motorcycle/bicycle trips, but it can also be visited as a day trip from Pakse.

Kids will love trip trapping over the slightly precarious bridge and watching the local fishermen. If you time it right (October-April), the rickety bamboo bridge will be up in town. My son had fun pounding spices with the mortar and pestle, brushing marinade on chicken skewers, and watching the eggplants being roasted over the charcoal BBQ while he surreptitiously nicked fresh cherry tomatoes from their organic vegetable garden.After your class you get to sit down at the hotel restaurant overlooking the pool with a view of Mount Phousi Temple and enjoy your cooking.

Cooking school - one of the highlights of our stay was the cooking class we attended with our 3-year-old mini chef. For rainy days or when you are off to their award-winning spa for that much needed you-time (they do a very good oil or Laotian massage), then a DVD player is available to rent in your room and their library also has a few board games for older kids. Check out the local markets or ride a scooter to explore the islands.

It’s known as a sleepy and laid back place to go, and one that’s very cheap to boot. Si Phan Don (Four Thousand Islands) is an archipelago inside the mekong river area in southern Laos. And at night, it’s advisable for women to wear a sarong when they go for a dip.

Skimpy bikinis and bathing suits are a no-no. If you plan on taking a swim, especially in one of the world’s greatest bodies of water known as the Mekong River, you’ll want to cover up. Most Laotians wear shorts and T-shirts when they’re in the water, so your best bet is to cover up as, well. A journey to the land of a million elephants would be incomplete without a visit to Luang Prabang , a UNESCO World Heritage site and a still off-the-beaten-path cultural favorite of travelers to Laos.

Although certainly one of the most statuesque and beautiful, Pha That Luang is just one of Laos Tourism Information’ incredible wats and pagodas that shouldn’t be missed. Built in the 16th century on the ruins of a Khmer temple, this stupa battles centuries of destruction and rebuilding, and remains one of the most incredible and authentic examples of architecture.